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[atlas] anchor on a /32 network with on-link routing ?

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Matthieu Herrb

2020-05-24 18:29:45 CET


here at we purchased an anchor with the idea to host
it in our network.

For IPv4 We are using /32 addresses everywhere, and do the routing by
setting the 'on-link' flag on the default route.

This configuration doesn't seem to be possible through the management
interface. It complains that the gateway is not no the same network as
the host and provides no way (as far as I can tell) to setup the
'on-link' flag.

Apart from inserting another router in front of our anchor to let it
use a narrower prefix, is there a way to set it up ? Or can this be
considered for the future evolutions of the anchor software ?

Thanks in advance.
Matthieu Herrb