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[atlas] Turris SW probe - long time to connect

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Jan Pavlinec

2020-06-04 15:50:59 CET


Since this week based on report [1], [2] from Martin we were able to 
observe his issue, which he reported and by using Atlas SW Probe 5010 
and older, we noticed that in CLI probe is running and that it is doing 
something, but on the RIPE website, it shows that probe is disconnected. 
Can you please check probes IDs (1000585, 1000243) and what it took so 
long to show that it is connected? Both of those probes were shown as 
connected at the same time - 20:22) on Tuesday? We noticed that in some 
cases if you were using the latest version 5020 and register a new 
probe, it is working within a few minutes.

However, we pushed to all our Turris OS version updated Atlas SW Probe 
to version 5020 and some of our users noticed similar maybe the same 
behavior.  A probe was running on the router, but it was disconnected 
for almost an hour (probe ID 1000036)

The router is working in all cases, ping, dig connection is OK.

I'm wondering if this issue isn't on server side.

In reg_init_reply.txt were following data:

Do you know how to debug it more?


Looking forward to hearing from you,