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RIPE Academic Cooperation Initiative


[RACI-list] RIPE NCC Open House: Exploring RIPEstat - Wednesday, 28 September

Learning & Development

2022-09-22 14:17:38 CET

RIPE NCC staff member

Dear colleagues,

We invite you to join us for the RIPE NCC Open House: Exploring 
RIPEstat, taking place on Wednesday, 28 September at 10:00 (UTC).

During this online event, we will talk about what makes RIPEstat useful 
for network operators, CERTs and a wide group of Internet stakeholders. 
We will speak in detail about RIPEstat datasets, its new features and 
the new UI.

Check out the details and register for free at:

Best regards,

Olivia Ruimwijk
Training Coordinator