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[ncc-services-wg] Cleanup Locked Person Objects in the RIPE Database (Implementation on 3rd June)

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Ed Shryane

2020-05-29 10:03:01 CET

RIPE NCC staff member

Dear colleagues,

As previously announced, the RIPE Database Team plan to clean up locked person objects in the RIPE Database.

We will select person objects maintained by RIPE-NCC-LOCKED-MNT, which are referenced by inetnum allocations or assignments, and re-assign them to the resource maintainer, so they can be properly maintained, and it is clear who is responsible for them.

We now plan to perform this cleanup on Wednesday, 3 June 2020.

We have already notified the affected LIRs and resource maintainers by email. You do not need to take any action.

For more information on the Locked Person Objects Cleanup, please refer to this RIPE Labs article :

RIPE NCC Database Team