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[mat-wg] Open Call for Presentations for MAT-WG

Brian Trammell (RIPE)

2019-08-29 19:27:20 CET

Greetings, all,

Our next meeting is at RIPE 79, on Thursday 17 October 2019 at 14:00, and it's time to pull together an agenda for it. Please send proposals for presentations at MAT WG to mat-wg-chairs _at_ ripe _dot_ net.

That said... we've actually almost *finished* pulling together an agenda for this meeting, so we're going to start doing something a little different. Nina and I have been running a queue for interesting future talks for a while (whether they be ideas we've had to solicit talks, proposals for talks we couldn't take at previous meetings, and so on), and we'd like to make that more explicit. 

So we're announcing that we take proposals for presentations at MAT WG *at any time* sent to mat-wg-chairs _at_ ripe _dot_ net (don't worry, we'll still send reminders like this one each time a meeting is coming up :) ). When you propose a talk, please indicate whether you're only able to present at the next meeting, or whether you'd like us to keep it in the queue for future meetings if there's not room at the next one.

Many thanks, cheers,

Brian (as MAT-WG co-chair)