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[iot-wg] unquarantine playbook untalk at RIPE-78 IoT WG

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Michael Richardson

2019-05-23 20:20:44 CET

Hi, I believe that I will be able to attend RIPE79 in Rotterdam, after in Belgrade.

I was asked to do a screencast of my talk in case the Internet broke.
(That never happens)  I did that yesterday afternoon, but it turns out
I ran out of disk space in the partition I choose to use, so it got cut
off at 11minutes, 90% of the way through.  The essential points are there
anyway, so I don't think I'll redo it.

My thanks to EMC's Kathleen Moriarty who let me run this by her a few weeks
ago, and who educated me on a few extra TLAs I was unfamiliar with.
It is really in the space of ROLIE, STIIX, MISP, etc. that I would really
like some additional collaboration.

The document is in your nearest Internet Draft archive as:

and the github is at:

including the slides in fodp and pdf format (with the animations expanded) in
the "presentations" folder.

The screencast/video is at:

The intention for this document is for the RIPE IoT WG to do something with
it. I am not entirely sure what will mean though.  I was discouraged from
SG20/SG27 by others, and Patrik's talk this morning further enforced that.

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