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Re: [iot-wg] [Peter Steinhaeuser] for co-chair (fwd) Michael Richardson: Re: [Peter Steinhaeuser] for co-chair

Michael Richardson

2022-05-14 20:34:23 CET

Peter Steinh=C3=A4user <ps _at_ embedd _dot_ com> wrote:
    > I put my hat (again) into the ring and ask you to support me as a
    > candiate for co-chairing this WG.

I am very supportive of Peter doing this!

    > I think that this WG is still trying to find it's place in the RIPE
    > community, the overall acitivity level has beend a bit low. Of course
    > the years of the pandemic and the lack of opportunities to meet in
    > person were not helpful. Nevertheless it seems that IoT is still
    > something that is often considered to live in the consumer space, and
    > also many carriers currently seem to have other priorities.

I thik that these are astute observations.
I really enjoyed the RIPE79 (Rotterdam) IoT hackathon.

I think that there are interesting operational things that RIPE IoT WG could
have deeper converations about.  There will be a grandchild-of-HOMENET effo=
at the IETF that might get called SNAC.  It would be interesting to me to do
some kind of *interop* testing of IoT systems and ISP systems.

    > As a WG chair I would focus working on connecting the ongoing
    > activities to form technical standards and reference implementations
    > for easy adoption by the industry. I would also work on advocating
    > those to industry players (i.e. via Broadband Forum & prpl Foundation=
    > Telcom Infrastructure Project - TIP) to get broader support for these
    > activities as well.
    > In my role as project manager for prplOS in the
    > prpl Foundation I also propose technologies for adoption & funding by
    > the prpl Foundation and it's members, as well as in the TIP project
    > where we contribute technology and solutions to the Open Coverged
    > Wireless WG (and recently started working on IoT integration as well).

This kind of promotion of new open source systems and
(standards) is really important to me as well.

Michael Richardson <mcr+IETF _at_ sandelman _dot_ ca>, Sandelman Software Works
 -= IPv6 IoT consulting =-