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[diversity] Updated Draft Code of Conduct Published for Review

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Leo Vegoda

2021-07-07 14:29:12 CET

Dear RIPE community,

As promised at RIPE 82, we have published an updated draft RIPE Code
of Conduct. A clean text version of the document and a redline
version, showing all the changes from the version published in March,
can be found at:

Please send comments in support of this draft, or asking for specific
changes, to the RIPE Discussion List by 17 September 2021. The RIPE
Chair will evaluate the community’s consensus based on comments made.

Some of the key changes in this draft:

- We have numbered the major sections and simplified some of the language
- We have expanded the introduction to provide background on the
discussion that led to the development of this document
- We have added a new “Call to Action” section
- We have clarified the language in the “Scope” section and removed
the bulleted lists there
- We simplified the subsection on law
- We added a new subsection on aggressive behaviour in the “Behaviour” section
- We added a section noting that reports that are not made in good
faith, such as in retaliation for another report, can be rejected

We have also published a RIPE Labs article about why we made the
changes you’ll see in the new draft.

We will hold a session with the community to discuss the changes,
which has been scheduled for 1 September 2021. We recognise that it
will not be possible for everyone to attend this webinar so it will be
recorded and published, and we will release more information about the
session nearer the time.

Kind regards,

Leo Vegoda
for the Code of Conduct TF