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[diversity] Community Health Village: Useful Workshops & Sessions for Digital Rights Defenders

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Vesna Manojlovic

2021-10-18 16:42:56 CET

RIPE NCC staff member

Dear all,

here are workshops with topics relevant to Justice, Equity, Diversity & 
Inclusion (J.E.D.I. !)


From: 	Team CommUNITY 

We are happy to announce the sessions and workshops of the inaugural 
Community Health Village. This year’s theme is Sustainable Networks & 
Movements, and features diverse mental healthcare practitioners who will 
share knowledge on how to achieve healthy and sustainable work 
environments in our communities and spaces. Topics range from conflict 
resolution to therapy to Mayan healing.

The Village was designed based on the findings of our 2020 Community 
Health Report.

/// While this workshop is not part of the village, it's worth 
mentioning! This is being hosted by our MENA Meetup Group!!

@ October 21 | CKS: Even the Finest of Warriors

Yara Sallam will discuss her book, Even the Finest Warriors, which deals 
with issues that have been long ignored because they have been 
categorized as personal issues: personal health, financial security,  
psychological health, and more. 

// Community Health Village //

@ Nov 2 | Understanding & Designing your Mental Health Plan

Mathero Nkhalamba will demystify diverse types of healing practices, 
with an eye towards cultural and religious considerations, and help you 
understand how to design your own mental health plan. 

@ Nov 9 | Regenerative Activism

Explore collective and personal tools that make our activism more 
effective and sustainable, while ensuring that our orgs and movements 
reflect the values we are fighting for.

@ Nov 
10 | Imagining Alternative Worlds through Activism
Three transdisciplinary designers will take us on a journey to imagine 
and make concrete a future filled with joy and hope.The workshop is 
inspired by the work of designer James Auger who coined the term 
“perpetual bridge” - the space between the world as we want it to be and 
the world as it is now.

@ Nov 
11 | Mayan Healing Ceremony
Nana Marina, a Ajq’iij, or Mayan spiritual guide from Guatemala, will be 
conducting wisdom and peace for human rights and digital rights 
defenders. The Mayans are recognized as being the guardians of the 
sacred fire through ceremonies focused on the Mayan calendar. 

@ Nov 16 | Dealing with Distress in the Digital Rights Community: What 
can you do as a community leader?
Participants will be trained on the basics of peer-led psychosocial 
support and community engagement using the principles of Interpersonal 
Counseling (IPC). 

@ Nov 18 | Embodied Connection

Holistic therapist, Leila Ghadder,  will take us on a trance-like 
journey of breathwork, movement, play, and creativity, guiding us into 
cultivating safety within our bodies, and consequently with our external 

@ Nov 23 | Dealing with Conflicts in Activists Groups & Teams

In this workshop we want to take the very first steps on how to deal 
with conflicts in a constructive and respectful way. How to talk about 
conflicts without escalating through mutual accusations and 
interpretations? What settings are needed? What about power dynamics and 
different approaches to conflicts in diverse groups – how can a team 
create a climate that enables everyone to speak up. 

Please reach out if you have any questions! We look forward to see you soon!

(((With Glitter))))

Team CommUNITY at ARTICLE 19
Organizers of the Internet Freedom Festival 

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