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[cooperation-wg] Panel discussion: "The Internet Model: Fit for the Future or Creaking at the Seams?"

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Nurani Nimpuno

2020-10-16 18:19:16 CET

Dear friends and colleagues,

I thought this panel discussion could be of interest for the Cooperation-WG participants. 
I think it will be a very insightful and animated discussion! 

The Internet Model: Fit for the Future or Creaking at the Seams?
Moderator: Nurani Nimpuno
Panelists: Andrew Sullivan, CEO, ISOC, Geoff Huston, Chief Scientist, APNIC, Jari Arkko, Snr Expert, Ericsson Research, KC Claffy, Founder and Director, CAIDA

The Internet is an essential part of our lives today. It’s the infrastructure on which we rely for basic services, and many of us use it on a daily basis to communicate and connect with others. The COVID-19 pandemic has clearly highlighted how much we depend on the Internet for work, services, communication, and our social life, and many have been amazed by how well it has coped with the increased demand for Internet services. 

But is the Internet ready to take on the challenges we face going forward, or is it starting to creak at the seams? This, and many more questions is what we will explore with the Internet experts in this panel discussion!

Date and time:
Thursday 22 October 15:00 CET | 14:00 BST 


It is an open webinar, but you do need to register. Thursday next week at 3pm CET!

Kind regards,