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[connect-wg] Connect-WG session agenda for RIPE 82

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Florence Lavroff

2021-05-16 18:07:13 CET

Dear friends of the RIPE Connect WG,

Here is the agenda for the Connect WG session taking place on Tuesday, 18th
May from 14:30 to 15:30 (UTC+2) :

- Opening (Welcome, scribe appointment, agenda, proposed session format)
- Housekeeping (RIPE 81 minutes, WG chair selection process, RIPE Code of
Conduct, RIPE Policy development, RIPE meeting chat logs, feedback about
virtual RIPE Connect-WG sessions)
- Presentation #1 - IXP Traffic in the Covid Era - MIX
- Presentation #2 - Euro-IX update - Bijal Sanghani, Euro-IX
- Open discussion
- Closure

Very much looking forward to seeing you all during the session,
Kind regards,

Florence, Remco and Will
Connect-WG co-chairs

Florence Lavroff / lavroff _at_ google _dot_ com  / +31 6 11 01 55 80
Infrastructure Acquisition and Interconnect / Google EMEA