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[connect-wg] how to approach some IX resources

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Andrei Eric Baleanu

2020-04-02 13:14:26 CET



It seems like these days we have more time to discuss.


We would like to have some input from the community about your approach
regarding some IX resources.


Backup ports: commonly the ISP has an aditional router connected to the
backup port, in a switch other than the one where the main port is
connected, with an additional configuration (another pair of IPv4/v6

Question: Do you permit balanced traffic between the main port and the
backup port? Or the backup port is allowed to be use only when the main port
is down?


Aggregated ports: The ISP has N x 1G or N x 10G ports connected to IXP
platform, same switch, LACP config.

Question: Do you treat aggregated ports as "one" port? E.g. 2 x 1G ports are
one 2G port? Or 2 x 10G ports are one 20G port?


Please share your experiences, keep safe and stay healthy.





Eric Andrei Bãleanu

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