Anastasia Sendrea

Name of Nominee:
Anastasia Sendrea

Nominee's country of residence:

Nominee's organisation or employer:
Logos PA

Nominee's email address:
sendrea [dot] anastasia [at] gmail [dot] com

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Motivation for nomination:

Anastasia would like to present her nomination for a seat on the NRO NC because of her interest in the ASO AC Global Policy Development Process. She is driven by her passion for internet governance and is convinced this will be the perfect opportunity to learn more about RIPE and its role in the GPDP, as well as the NC's other advisory functions to the ICANN Board and ASO AC, knowledge that she will put to use for the advancement of the community priorities.

Biographical information:

Anastasia is a young professional in Brussels, where she advises companies active on the digital market on the impact of regulations and public policy.  As part of her training as a consultant, she has worked with RIPE NCC on a number of EU policy files covering data protection and cybersecurity. She is also an alumni of ICANN63 NextGen 2018, where she presented her research on the impact of the EU data protection policy on the whois database. Anastasia graduated with a Bachelor in European Studies from Sofia University, Bulgaria and a Master of Arts in EU International Relations from College of Europe, Belgium. She speaks English, Bulgarian, French, Russian and her native Romanian.
Since May 2021, Anastasia has been a mentee in the RIPE Mentoring programme.