James Kennedy

Name of nominee:
James Kennedy

Nominee's country of residence:
The Netherlands

Nominee's organisation or employer:
Liberty Global

Nominee's email address:
jameskennedy001 [at] gmail [dot] com

Name of nominating individual:
Nick Hilliard

Motivation for nomination:
James is a vocal and active member of the RIPE Community and has a wealth of experience dealing with both the RIPE NCC and global number resourcing policy over the last decade.  Following positions in both address resource management and policy implementation at the RIPE NCC, he subsequently headed up IP address management with one of Europe's leading Internet access providers. His contributions to the RIPE Database Task Force have been incisive and invaluable.  James would make an excellent candidate for this position and his experience in the area would be a huge asset to the RIPE community.

Biographical information:
Since earning a B.Sc. in IT and Telecommunications from the University of Limerick in Ireland, James has spent over 13 years based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and two years in Luxembourg. Living and working in vastly multicultural environments has given James a deep appreciation for the value of diverse voices and opinions – especially in the development of Internet policy. He is a believer in the importance of upholding frameworks and processes that suitably support bottom-up, consensus-driven Internet policy making.

James is the Senior Manager of IP Address Management and Cloud Capacity Planning at Liberty Global, an international telecommunications organisation with tier 1 IP transit service and operations in several European countries. Among other responsibilities, he is relied upon to lead the global policy and process for Internet number resources across the company’sfootprint in line with RIPE policies, collaborate with various local and global IP stakeholders of different backgrounds and cultures, and address critical challenges and formulate required actions accordingly.

Previously, James worked for the RIPE NCC as an IP Resource Analyst from 2008 to 2013. During this period of close analysis and deliberation on a multitude of RIPE policies with colleagues and communication with RIPE NCC members on a daily basis, James developed his deep understanding of various RIPE topics such as Address Policy, the Policy Development Process (PDP), the significance of maintaining accurate data in the RIPE Database and RIPE Registry, and a range of community matters. He also learned about the noble principles and values on which RIPE is built.

During his time with the RIPE NCC, James officially represented the  organisation at multiple RIPE-related events – RIPE Meetings, MENOG, IPv6 workshops, and training courses.

James has since been an active member of the RIPE community and contributor to the working group mailing lists. He regularly represents his organisation and their LIRs at RIPE meetings, General Meetings and MENOG to keep abreast of community matters, policy developments and continue to build his relationships within the community. His RIPE community contributions include:

  • Author of Address Policy 2015-02, a well-received and accepted proposal that removed the need for organisations to return their IPv6 PI address space as a prerequisite to receive an IPv6 PA Allocation. This hands-on experience gave James full insight into how the RIPE PDP operates end-to-end
  • Current "trainee chair" of the Address Policy Working Group
  • Member of the RIPE Database Requirements Task Force, which is tasked with establishing consensus about what functionality the RIPE Database should provide today’s users

With your trust, James believes he can suitably represent the RIPE community on the NRO NC and fulfil the requirements of the role by providing:

  • Clear and reliable communication to the ICANN board on regional Internet Number and policy matters
  • An assured message – in alignment with NRO colleagues – on global policies and diligence to support any questions or inquiries that may arise. 
  • Full support to the NRO NC in streamlining internal processes and practicalities needed to accomplish NRO objectives