Andreas Wittkemper

Name of nominee
Andreas Wittkemper

Nominee's country of residence

Nominee's organisation or employer
Verizon Deutschland GmbH

Nominee's email address
andreas.wittkemper _at_ de.verizon _dot_ com

Name of nominating individual
Self nomination

Motivation for nomination

I am familiar with both the naming and addressing world. With my experience from my time as a RIPE NCC Executive Board member and previous attendance of ICANN meetings and NRO sessions I believe I can make a good contribution to the Address Council work. And giving the Internet Community something back is a good thing in itself. Needless to say it is important to pay attention that ICANN doesn't go off the rails.

I am fully aware that the AC related activities could be time consuming but I am prepared to contribute as best as I can.

Biographical information

Andreas Wittkemper is employed by Verizon Germany where he is responsible for the domain registration and IP assignment for Verizon customers in EMEA. His career at a commercial ISP started in 1996 when he joined EUnet Germany as a hostmaster and he is leading the Expertise Centre DNS & IP team within Verizon EMEA now.

Andreas has been involved with the RIPE community since RIPE 31 in Edinburgh. From 1998 on he regularly attended RIPE Meetings. He also served a three years term as an Executive Board Member of the RIPE NCC (2008-2011).