Filiz Yilmaz

Name of nominee
Filiz Yilmaz

Nominee's country of residence
The Netherlands

Nominee's organisation or employer
Akamai Technologies

Nominee's email address
fyilmaz _at_ akamai _dot_ com

Name of nominating individual
Nurani Nimpuno

Nominator's organisation or employer

Motivation for nomination
Filiz is a longstanding, active member of the RIPE community. She has contributed in many different ways over the last decade and a half, has served in several community positions.

Filiz has an excellent grasp of both policy and technical issues. She is well rooted in the RIPE community but also understands the ICANN community and its structures well. She has the perfect blend for this position with experience as both RIR and ICANN staff, combined with her current technical and strategic role for a large content provider.

Filiz' appointment as co chair of the NRO NC is a testament to how valued her work is within the NRO NC. I have known Filiz for close to two decades in the industry, and I know that she does not accept a position unless she knows that she can fully commit to it. I hope the RIPE community will support her in continuing to carry out her excellent work in the NRO NC.

It is an honour to nominate Filiz to the NRO NC for another term.

Biographical information
Filiz Yilmaz is currently Senior Manager at Akamai Technologies Network Strategy, where she is mainly responsible of Akamai capacity build-outs and network partnerships in EMEA.

Prior to that she was an independent Internet Governance and Policy Consultant, running her own firm providing consultancy services.

Between 2010-2012, she held the position of Senior Director, Participation and Engagement at ICANN, where she worked on bringing new participants into the ICANN Community and increasing the engagement level of all stakeholders within the multi-stakeholder environment of ICANN, by developing engagement and outreach programs and strategies.

From 2001 to 2010, Filiz worked at the RIPE NCC. She most recently held the position of Policy Development Manager, where she worked with the RIPE community in policy development within the RIPE region, documentation of these policies and proposals and the Policy Development Process itself. She introduced the Impact Analysis practice, supporting the policy implementation internally within the RIPE NCC. She was also very much involved with the monitoring of other RIRs' policy developments and during this time she participated as RIR support towards the NRO NC.

She initially held positions at the Registration Services Department, working actively on Internet number resource management, and delivering training courses on Internet number resource policy, DNSSEC and Routing Registry.

Filiz started her work in the Internet industry in 1996 in Turkey at the Middle East Technical University Computer Center – the institution that played a key role in bringing the Internet to Turkey. She managed the development of a university-wide net ethics program and led the development of training courses on newly-introduced Internet technology and applications for both university community and the civil servants in the city of Ankara, in co-operation with management of the governmental offices.

Filiz continues to stay active in Internet communities as a volunteer too. Some of her recent roles and engagement are listed below:

  • Member of Council and Vice Chair, ICANN ASO AC/NRO NC
  • Former Member of UN Multistakeholder Advisory Group of the Internet Governance Forum
  • Former RIPE Meeting Programme Committee Member
  • Participant of various NOGs and fora (RIPE, NLNOG, TRNOG, ISOC)
  • Founding Member of Internet Society Turkey Chapter during its Formation
  • Guest Colloquia lecturer at System & Network Engineering Programme, University of Amsterdam

Filiz holds a MSc Degree in Cognitive Science and a BSc in Mathematics.

Further details can be found at Filiz's LinkedIn profile.