Nurani Nimpuno

Name of nominee
Nurani Nimpuno

Nominee's country of residence

Nominee's organisation or employer

Nominee's email address
nurani [at] netnod [dot] se

Name of nominating individual
Shane Kerr

Nominator's employer
BII (Beijing Internet Institute)

Motivation for nomination
Nurani has been involved with Internet governance for many years, and has consistently supported the principles of RIPE and generally worked towards making the Internet a better place. I trust her completely to represent the best interests of the RIPE NCC region.

Biographical information

Nurani is the Head of Outreach and Communications at Netnod and also represents the organisation externally in Internet policy and Internet governance matters.

Nurani has been active in the RIPE community for a decade and a half. She has extensive experience in community-driven, consensus-based decision-making, and has been an active participant in the RIPE policy making processes since the late 1990s. She is a frequent speaker at various Internet conferences, where she talks about Internet infrastructure, interconnectivity, peering and traffic exchange, DNS (including DNS anycast services and DNS root servers), Internet resource policy and Internet governance.

Nurani has served as a representative on various committees and forums in recent years:

  • RIPE Community representative and vice chair for the CRISP Team (Consolidated RIR IANA Stewardship Proposal Team) in 2014-2015
  • Member of the Swedish Chapter of the Internet Society 2013-2015
  • Invited member of the Swedish government delegation to the ITU plenipotentiary conference in October 2014
  • Member of the Nominating Committee (NomCom) for the selection of representatives of the technical community on the IGF MAG in 2013 and in 2014
  • Member of the NomCom for 1Net and the Netmundial committees in 2014
  • Member of the Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) for the UN Internet Governance Forum (IGF) from 2009-2013
  • One of five representatives of the Internet technical community to the United Nations CSTD working group on the improvement of the IGF in 2011
  • Member of the Euro-IX programme committee from 2009-2011

Nurani occupied previous roles as Internet Address Policy Manager at the RIPE NCC and as External Relations Manager at APNIC. She has been heavily involved with education, outreach, Internet policy and consensus-based decision-making processes in the Internet community worldwide.