• 28 August 2012
    Deadline for NRO NC nominations
  • 30 August 2012
    Deadline for all confirmed nominations to be posted on the RIPE NCC website
  • 24-28 September 2012
    Election to fill NRO NC seat at the RIPE 65 Meeting in Amsterdam

Dr. Robert Poehler

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NRO NC Confirmed Nominees 2012, Dr. Robert Poehler

Name of nominee

Dr. Robert Poehler

Nominee’s country of residence


Nominee’s organisation or employer


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Nominee’s postal address

Zürcherstrasse 161, 8010 Zürich, Switzerland

Biographical information

Dr. Robert Poehler was born in Nuremberg, Germany. In 1980 he established a Mailbox (BBS) in Nuermberg. The Mailbox was named MSW and was already able to exchange mails by using SMTP with the JAT Mailbox in Leinburg operated by Joachim Astel from Noris Network, Nuremberg, Germany. So he provided a very early access to UUCP boards. He founded different companies later which provided services to business user. In 1994 there was an Datex-P (Btx) / Datex-J based external server system operated which offered a big software library to public. The system was operated as own host with ID *41600# in Datex-J and connected directly with the Deutsche Telekom by Datex-P. Later he founded a few internet providers. All these companies where sold in the following years to other owners and investors and he moved to Switzerland. In Switzerland he was living as a privatee from now. He is still working as consultant for IT-security and IT-infrastructure. He operates as an business angel for new companies serving them with knowledge and risk capital. Additional he is guestspeaker at different universities and events in IT-business consulting and IT-security.

Motivation for nomination

Dr. Robert Poehler has a very huge knowledge on IT and internet. He is a professional and well known consulter and speaker. As businessman he was very successful in founding different internet companies and he is always up2date and in business as consultant and business angel. He is very intrested in publishing his knowledge and very close to well known universities in IT and business management.

Name of nominating individual

Christian Todisco

Nominator's organisation or employer