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RACI Application Form

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RACI accepts applications year-round. If you are interested in presenting at a specific meeting, be sure to submit your application by the deadline for that meeting.

Meeting Application Deadline
MENOG 19, 3-4 April, Beirut 3 February 2019
SEE 8, 16-17 April, Sarajevo     3 February 2019
RIPE 78, 20-24 May, Reykjavik 17 February 2019
ENOG 16, 3-4 June, Tbilisi     17 February 2019
Upload the draft slides of the presentation you are proposing to give during the meeting, if your application is successful. Allowed formats: pdf, key, ppt, pptx. You can make improvements to the slides up to a week before the meeting. However, the more complete and informative the draft slides are at the moment of your application, the higher the chances of getting your application approved.

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