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Expectations for SEE/RIPE NCC REGIONAL MEETING Fellows

SEE/RIPE NCC Regional Meeting Fellowships work by reimbursing the Fellowship recipient up to a certain amount for their flights and accommodation. Once selected, the Fellowship recipient will be informed of the exact amount available to them. They will need to pay for their flights and accommodation themselves and present the receipts for these costs to the SEE/RIPE NCC Regional Meeting Coordination Team who will arrange for these costs to be reimbursed at the meeting. We will reimburse the costs of one round-trip economy class airfare to the meeting and a hotel room at the meeting venue or nearby.

In order to get the most out of your SEE/RIPE NCC Regional Meeting experience, the Fellowship recipient is expected to:

    1. Prepare in advance of the meeting

It is important to be prepared so that you have a productive SEE/RIPE NCC Regional  Meeting experience. You should familiarise yourself with the topics posted on the website. (link to SEE 2 website)

    1. Share the experience and knowledge you gain with your local technical community

An important part of the program is for Fellowship recipients to share the knowledge they gain at the SEE/RIPE NCC Regional Meeting with others in their local area or region. This can be done, for example, by making a presentation at a relevant professional, academic, or technical meeting, speaking at an association meeting or local ISOC chapter event or writing an article for a relevant local publication. We ask that you provide verification of your information-sharing activities within six months of attending the meeting.

    1. Complete a SEE/RIPE NCC Regional Meeting Fellowship Programme evaluation form after the meeting

In order to help us improve the programme, we ask that you complete a short evaluation form about your experience at the SEE/RIPE NCC Regional Meeting as a Fellowship recipient. We ask that you return this evaluation form to us within two weeks of attending the meeting.

    1. Help the SEE/RIPE NCC Regional Meeting Coordination Team with the administrative components of your Fellowship

An email will be sent to you outlining the steps that need to be taken in order to get you to the meeting. These tasks include filling out the SEE/RIPE NCC Regional Meeting registration information and searching for appropriate flights to get you to the meeting venue. You are responsible for applying for and obtaining any visas necessary to enter the country where the meeting is taking place. We ask that you respond promptly and let us know as soon as possible if any problems arise. Please also note that the Fellowship only supports travel itineraries that get Fellowship recipients to and from the meeting on dates reasonably close to the actual meeting. Fellowship recipients should not plan on incorporating extra time for personal or business trips into their travel.