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Call for Presentations

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The call for presentations for CAPIF 3 is open. Submit your proposals for plenary sessions by 20 August 2024 via the presentation submission system.


CAPIF 3 will take place on 24-25 September 2024 in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

The CAPIF Program Committee (PC) is now seeking content proposals from the community for plenary presentations, panels and lightning talks at CAPIF 3. We are looking for submissions covering network engineering and operations, especially but not limited to:

  • IPv6 deployment
  • Efforts to establish IXPs in the region
  • Reports from existing IXPs
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Regional success stories
  • Alternative routes to ensure the connectivity between the countries of Central Asia and their connectivity to other regions and countries.
  • Fiber optics and enhancing broadband to the regions
  • Content delivery networks and service providers
  • State regulation of peering and interconnection

Other topics of interest:

  • Managing IPv4 scarcity in operations
  • Network migrations from IPv4 to IPv6
  • Commercial transactions of IPv4 addresses
  • Data centre technologies
  • Network and DNS operations
  • Network monitoring and measurements
  • Network management and automation
  • Internet governance and regulatory practices
  • Network and routing security
  • Internet peering and mobile data exchange

Presentation Formats

Stand-alone Presentations are presentations followed by questions from the audience. Presentations are typically 20 minutes long. It is recommended to use around 15 minutes for the presentation itself and keep five minutes for questions. If the presenter feels that more or less time is needed for their topic, they must make this clear when they submit their proposal using the submission system. Presenters are welcome to propose other styles of presentations if needed.

Panel Discussions are discussions between several people on a specific topic. Typically, a panel discussion includes a moderator who introduces the topic and leads a discussion between the panellists and the audience. Panel discussions should be around 45 minutes. If the proposer of a panel discussion feels that more or less time is needed for their topic, they must make this clear when they submit their proposal using the submission system.

Lightning Talks are short (5-10 minutes) presentations on any topic. Slides may be used, but they are not required. The presenter can choose how much of their presentation slot is allocated to questions from the audience. These presentations can be submitted at any time, and they are selected immediately before the event.

Submission Guidelines

Submissions should be non-commercial, and product marketing talks are strongly discouraged. Repeated audience feedback shows that the most successful talks focus on operational experience, research results or case studies. For example, presenters wishing to describe a commercial solution should focus on the underlying technology - principles, algorithms, protocols, configuration, etc., rather than performing a full product demonstration.

Presenters proposing a panel are encouraged to include speakers from several (perhaps even competing) companies and/or a neutral facilitator.

The following general requirements apply:

  • Presenters should indicate how much time they will require. See presentation formats.
  • Proposals for talks will only be considered if they contain draft presentation slides (slides may be updated at a later date). For panels, proposals must contain a clear description, as well as the names of invited panellists, presenters and moderators.
  • It is expected that most, if not all, presenters/panellists will be physically present at the meeting.

Presentations delivered at CAPIF are publicly archived on our website after the meeting. Please keep this in mind if you are intending to present any sensitive information that you do not want to be publicly available.

If you have any questions or requests concerning content submissions, please email [email protected].