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Transfer of IPv6 Assigned PI Space

End Users and LIRs can transfer Provider Independent (PI) IPv6 address space, which is space that was originally assigned by the RIPE NCC.

Who Can Receive a Transfer of IPv6 PI Space

To be eligible to receive a transfer of IPv6 PI space from another organisation, the receiving party must:

  • Be a member of the RIPE NCC or have a signed End User Assignment Agreement with a sponsoring LIR (a member of the RIPE NCC)
  • Have the transfer approved by the RIPE NCC according to the requirements outlined in the existing RIPE Transfer Policy

IPv6 address space can also be transferred as part of a merger or acquisition.

Who Can Transfer IPv6 PI Space

Any legitimate holder of IPv6 PI space can transfer this space to another End User or member in the RIPE NCC service region, provided:

  • The address space is covered by an End User Assignment Agreement with a sponsoring LIR or the recipient is a member of the RIPE NCC
  • The address space is registered in the RIPE NCC service region
  • The address space is not transferred outside of the RIPE NCC service region
  • The block that is to be re-assigned is not smaller than the minimum assignment block size at the time of re-assignment (currently /48).


IPv6 Anycast assignments,  assignments for Internet DNS root servers and assignments that were provided to Internet Exchange Points (IXPs)  for peering LANs are not eligible for transfer due to the special requirements in RIPE Policies (see "IPv6 Address Allocation and Assignment Policy", "IPv6 Addresses for Internet Root Servers in the RIPE Region", "IPv6 Address Space Policy For Internet Exchange Points").

Although the RIPE NCC has implemented the "Policy for Inter-RIR Transfers of Internet Resources", at this time there are no policies for IPv6 transfers in the other regions that allow inter-RIR transfers (AFRINIC, APNIC, ARIN, LACNIC). Once such a policy has been implemented by another RIR, this option will become available.

To Get Started With The Transfer

To get started with a transfer of IPv6 PI space, the LIR holding the address space or the sponsoring LIR of either the transferring or receiving End User can contact the RIPE NCC using the registry update function in the LIR Portal. 

The request should include:

  • The resources being transferred
  • The Transfer Agreement signed by both parties. This agreement must be signed by company directors that are legally authorised to sign/act on behalf of the organisation
  • The End User Assignment Agreement signed by the receiving End User and a member of the RIPE NCC  (if applies)
  • The company name and contact details of both End Users
  • Recent company registration papers for both End Users
  • The following resource object information for the receiving End User: 
    • org: 
    • admin-c: 
    • tech-c: 
    • mnt-by: 
  •  Whether the transfer is to be permanent or temporary (in the case of a temporary transfer, specify until which date the resources are to be transferred)

Further Detail on Transfers

For further detail, refer to the RIPE NCC Procedural Document, "Transfer of Internet Number Resource Records and Change of Members Official Legal Name".