IPv6 Transfers - General Overview

This section provides a general overview on IPv6 address space transfers.

Different Kinds of Transfers

Broadly speaking, transfers of IPv6 address space fall into three categories:

All three kinds of transfer are possible under existing RIPE Policy. Each type is handled differently, and the relevant sections provide more detail.

Updating the Company Name

If a member has changed their legal name, this will need to be updated prior to the RIPE NCC processing any transfers. Members can request an update to the company name in our records using the registry update function in the LIR Portal. The update request should include:

  • The new company registration papers
  • The official legal documents supporting this change

Inter-RIR transfers

Although the RIPE NCC has implemented the "Policy for Inter-RIR Transfers of Internet Resources", at this time there are no policies for IPv6 transfers in the other regions (AFRINIC, APNIC, ARIN, APNIC) that allow inter-RIR transfers. Once such a policy has been implemented by another RIR, this option will become available.