It is up to members to find and organise a transfer of IPv4 address space. How they decide to do this is up to them. The RIPE NCC will not be involved in the process of reaching an agreement between the parties involved in the transfer of IPv4 address space. The responsibility for reaching an agreement rests solely with the offering and receiving parties.

Some members may decide to use a broker to find an organisation offering or seeking address space and to help facilitate the process by advising on the processes and policies that need to be followed.

Whatever the case, it is important that anyone involved in IPv4 transfers understands the relevant RIPE Policies and that any transfers are reflected in the registry.

Brokers who are facilitating the transfer of IPv4 address space are welcome to contact the RIPE NCC for clarification, and can email to find out more. There are no costs involved in becoming a Recognised IPv4 Transfer Broker. However, you will need to agree to adhere to the relevant RIPE Policies and RIPE NCC procedural documents which can be found in the document store.

Some common questions concerning brokers and other issues are answered in the FAQ section.


Recognised IPv4 Transfer Brokers

Organisation Name Contact Name and Email Website
"7HEAVEN" Limited Liability Company  Vyacheslav Y. Cherkashyn Contact 
Addrex, Inc


Advance Link Computers LLC Dr. Siamak Rafi  
aipi e K. Contact
Alfa Telecom s.r.o Contact
Alphatech Resource Holdings s.r.o. Contact
Avenue4 LLC Contact
Atex LLC Anton Kruglov Contact
Brenac EURL  Thomas Brenac Contact
Brander Group, Inc Jake Iskhakov Contact
Blue Networks GmbH & Co. KG Contact
Cloud-Brokers IT-Services GmbH Harald Kriener Contact
Ebonyhorizon Telecomunicacoes Lda


E-Money Net Developers 24 Company (PJS) Contact
Farhang Azma Communications Company Ltd Contact
GCX LLC Contact
GetConnect IPv4 Brokers Inc Contact
Hilco IP Services, LLC Contact
INANA Group Contact
IP Broker Limited


IP Resources Trading SRL Contact
IPv4 Exchange International Limited UK Contact
IPv4 Market Group Contact
IT-Service, LLC Contact
i7 Ltd Contact
Kalorama Group, LLC Contact
Larus Cloud Service Limited Contact
LeaderTelecom B.V. Contact
LeaderTelecom Ltd Contact
MediaServicePlus LLC Contact
NetAssist LLC Contact
Neterra Ltd Contact
Nitronet Sp z.o.o Contact
Omega System Ltd Sandalov Erik Contact
Para Bilgi Teknolojileri Ltd Contact
Parsun Network Solutions Contact
Perviy TSOD LLC Dmitry Myasnikov  Contact
Prager NCC KG Stefan Prager Contact
Prefix Broker B.V. Contact
Pro Business Solutions Limited Alexandr Stihii Contact
RapidDedi Ibraheem Massalha Contact
Relcom Group Alexey Shkittin Contact
Seven Network Inc. Contact
Shahrad Net Company Ltd Contact
Silicon Desert International, Inc. Marcus Mamolen Contact
SIP Solutions JLT Jack Harnez Contact
SISTEMA LTD Aden Ilizarov Contact
Supplity Technology Services Amjad Kassem  Contact
Telehouse EAD Contact
DCXV Katherine Petras Contact
v4Now (Registered name of Eintellego
Networks Pty Ltd)
Xoo Networks Consulting Ulf Kieber Contact
xTom Hong Kong Limited Contact


The brokers listed above have agreed to the terms and conditions outlined in the following "Recognised IPv4 Transfer Broker Agreement".

These brokers are not endorsed by the RIPE NCC, do not act on behalf of the RIPE NCC, nor do they receive any privileged information from the RIPE NCC regarding its members or Internet number resources within its service region.

It is also important to note that brokers that are not listed here are still able to facilitate transfers in the RIPE NCC service region.

Brokers facilitating the transfer of IPv4 address space that would like to be listed here are invited to contact the RIPE NCC by emailing .