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IPv4 Transfer Listing Service

The IPv4 Transfer Listing Service is a platform that enables RIPE NCC members to list and exchange IPv4 address space they hold and no longer need. The listing service is only available to members and its use is included in the RIPE NCC service fee.

The listing service is subject to IPv4 Transfer Listing Service Terms and Conditions.

How to Offer or Request IPv4 Address Space on the Listing Service

RIPE NCC members who want to list unused IPv4 address space or search for available IPv4 address space can access the listing service by logging into the LIR Portal.

IPv4 address space can be transferred between RIPE NCC members as described in "IPv4 Address Allocation and Assignment Policies for the RIPE NCC Service Region".

Total Amount of Available or Requested IPv4 Address Space on the Listing Service

Below is all of the IPv4 address space that is available or requested for transfer on the IPv4 Transfer Listing Service. This is updated in real time.

Total IPv4 Addresses Available for Transfer:

Available IPv4 Addresses Offered on the Listing Service by Prefix Size


Total IPv4 Addresses Requested for Transfer:

Requested IPv4 Addresses by Prefix Size


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