What is an End User Assignment Agreement?

The End User Assignment Agreement is a document that meets the requirements as outlined in the Contractual Requirements for Provider Independent Resource Holders in the RIPE NCC Service Region. Such an agreement must be set up between the End User of independent resources and a sponsoring LIR.

This agreement requires that registration of the independent resources be kept up-to-date. The RIPE NCC must be informed of any changes to the contractual arrangement, including if an End User moves to another LIR, or ceases to exist.

At the minimum, an End User Assignment Agreement between an End User ("resource holder") and sponsoring LIR should include:

  • That the sponsoring LIR is responsible for liaising with the resource holder to keep registration records up-to-date
  • That the resource holder is obliged to provide up-to-date registration data to the LIR and that some or all of this registration data will be published in the RIPE Database
  • That none of the Provider Independent resources may be sub-assigned to a third party
  • Notice that the resource holder is obliged to pay an annual fee to the LIR for the resources
  • A clear statement that the resources will return by default to the RIPE NCC if:
    • The resource holder cannot be contacted
    • The annual fee to the LIR is not paid
  • A clear statement that the use of resources is subject to RIPE policies as published on the RIPE website. These policies may be amended from time to time.