End Users - My company needs resources. What are my options?

There are two ways to request Internet number resources. You can request resources through an existing Local Internet Registry (LIR) or you can become an LIR and request resources directly from the RIPE NCC.

If you wish to make assignments for your customers and/or the size of your network will change dramatically over the coming years, becoming an LIR might be a better option.

The RIPE NCC leaves the decision whether or not to become an LIR up to the organisation itself. Any organisation with a legally established office in the RIPE NCC service region can become an LIR. We advise organisations who require their own routable block and are in need of a large amount of addresses (/22) to become an LIR. In other cases, an organisation in need of addresses should first try to acquire address space from an upstream provider to promote the aggregation goals as promoted by the RIPE community. For more information regarding setup as a Local Internet Registry, please visit our membership area.