FAQ: Resource Allocations

Show or Hide answer How much should an LIR be charging for requesting IP space on my behalf?

IP addresses are a public resource and should not be bought or sold. It is reasonable, however, for an LIR to charge a fee for administering the address space that they assign to you. The RIPE NCC has not stipulated a charging schedule. This is left to the discretion of the membership.

Show or Hide answer Why does the RIPE NCC not deal with the customers of an LIR?

The LIRs represent the RIPE NCC on a local level. They are responsible for the distribution and registration of Internet resources within their local areas. The LIRs must also ensure that policies and procedures are followed. ISP customers should direct any questions to the LIR from which they take service.

Show or Hide answer I want to route my IP addresses under another Autonomous System Number (ASN). Is this allowed?

The RIPE NCC does not control any ISP's routing policies. This is left to the discretion of the ISPs involved.

Show or Hide answer I have IP addresses issued to me a long time ago. The records are not up-to-date in the RIPE Database.

Organisations using such assignments should contact an LIR in their region who can contact our Registration Services department on their behalf. Requests will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Show or Hide answer What is the difference between an allocation and an assignment?

An allocation is the address space that the RIPE NCC sets apart for an LIR’s future use.


An assignment is address space taken by an LIR from their allocation and given to an End User or used in the LIR’s own infrastructure.

LIR ⇨ End User or LIR ⇨ itself

LIR’s Allocation e.g : /19


Show or Hide answer As an LIR, am I required to register assignments in the RIPE Database?

Yes. The RIPE community's policies require LIRs to register an inetnum object in the RIPE Database for their own infrastructure and customers' networks. LIRs must ensure registration information is correct and up to date at all times. This information suports network operations and contributes to a reliable Internet.