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FAQ: Company Registration Document

Show or Hide answer What is a company registration document?

The company registration document is a written statement from the Government in your country which confirms that the company legally exists.

Show or Hide answer Why do I need to provide a company registration document?

We require a company registration document so we can confirm the company's existence and to document the ownership for future reference should the status of the company change.

Show or Hide answer In what format should I send you the document?

You can attach the document as a PDF, GIF, JPG, BMP, PNG or TIF.

You can also send the document by post or fax. If so, please clearly label the document with the ticket number you will receive after sending us a request for Internet number resources.

Show or Hide answer What are the requirements for faxes and digital images?

A fax or digital image can be sent to us as long as all text is readable. We must be able to see which governmental organisation issued the document as well as the name of the company that is requesting Internet number resources.

Show or Hide answer Will the document be securely stored?

Yes. As with all data you send us, confidentiality is guaranteed. This document will be stored and used only for internal purposes. We will never share your data with any other parties.

Show or Hide answer Can I just include a link to the national business registry where my company is listed?

No. In the information you send, we must see what name the company was registered as at the time your Internet number resource request was approved.

Show or Hide answer What if there are no registration papers for the company?

It is possible to request Internet number resources as a private individual. In this case, please include a copy of a picture ID from the End User instead of a company registration paper.