Can I obtain a class C address block?

Classful addressing (class A, class B, class C, etc) is now redundant and the RIPE NCC no longer uses that terminology. This was the original model used for distributing IP addresses. It was based on classful addressing strategies and did not take into account the massive expansion of Internet use and so the system was unscalable.

Classless Inter Domain Routing (CIDR) is now one of the fundamental requirements for eligibility to receive IP address ranges.

All requests for address space must be supported by documentation showing a technically justified need for the amount of IPv4 addresses requested and requesters must show that the address space will be used efficiently and according to best current practice.

IP address space is now referred to by the prefix length or subnet mask. For example, a /24 ("slash 24") refers to 256 IP addresses (the equivalent of a former class C) and a /19 refers to 8,192 IP addresses (the equivalent of 32 former class Cs).