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Reverse Delegation for DNS (IN-ADDR.ARPA)

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As part of the Early Registration Transfer (ERX), project, DNS delegations will be preserved without modification.

Any DNS servers recorded in the ARIN Database will be recorded in the RIPE Database, and the IN-ADDR.ARPA name servers will answer queries the same.

If the nameserver information is incorrect, there are three options:

  1. Update the network record at ARIN before the transfer occurs. The date of this transfer will be documented on this page. Use the standard ARIN procedures for this update.

  2. Update the information at the RIPE NCC after the transfer occurs. This is a service offered to RIPE NCC members. Information about reverse delegation may be found here:

  3. Report the correct nameservers to the ER transfer role at the RIPE NCC, er-transfer _at_ ripe _dot_ net. This correction is only possible until the date of transfer. After that date, the standard reverse delegation service can be used.