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ERX - Network Transfers

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We completed the transfer of ASN Registrations in 2002.

  • On 29 July 2004, we started the final stage of the Early Registration Transfer [ERX] Project. This transfer involved the Class C registrations.
  • The AFRINIC ERX transfer was completed on 14 February 2007. This involved the transfer of some registrations in the address ranges 163/8 and 165/8 to AFRINIC. These ranges were transferred to the RIPE NCC from ARIN as part of the original ERX project. We compiled a full list of all resources transferred to the AFRINIC Database as part of this project.
  • Provider Independent (PI) addresses in the ranges 83/8, 84/8, 192/8, 193/8, 194/8 and 195/8 registered with African-based organisations was transferred to AFRINIC.