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Whois Help Text

Reverse Delegation

Enables the use of MORE and LESS search level flag options to be used for lookups on reverse delegation domains.

Inverse Attribute

Inverse queries are performed on inverse keys available from the scroll list. The query when executed will return all objects whose flag specified (from scroll list) attribute match the query argument provided by the user.

IP Search Level

Users may require either an exact match to a query or results based on more or less specific matches. To assist whois users there is a set of flags that modify the response of the whois server. These flags operate in the way described below.

[-x] Requests that only an exact match on a prefix be performed. If no exact match is found then no results are returned

[-l] A LESS specific query option. Requests the server return not the exact match but only the smallest of the IP ranges that is bigger than the user supplied range and that fully contains it.

[-L] A LESS specific query option. Requests the server return the exact match and all the objects containing information about IP ranges that are bigger than the user supplied range and fully contain it.

[-m] A MORE specific query option. Requests the server return sub ranges that are fully contained within the user provided range. However, instead of returning all existing sub ranges, it will only return the biggest ranges contained in the user range.

[-M] A MORE specific query option. Requests the server return all the sub ranges completely contained within the user provided range.

[-c] Returns the smallest, less specific inetnum or inet6num object containing the reference to an irt object. The result of this lookup is an inetnum or inet6num object and referenced contacts, if name recursion is not disabled ("-r" flag). It does not contain the referenced irt object, nor contact information about the team.

Recursive Lookup

The options on the left had side do recursive look-ups on the whois database. To disable this recursive look-up, use the "-r" option. This may be used with the other option "-i"

A recursive query in the RIPE database retrieves related records, normally contact information.

Primary Key

Requests that the objects primary keys are to be returned. The exception are the set objects, where the members attributes will also be returned.

Disable Domain Ref.

Switches off the use of the referral mechanism for domain lookups, so that the database returns an object in the RIPE whois database with the exact match of the query argument, instead of doing a referral query.

The referral mechanism provides a way for administrators of domain registries to instruct the whois server to reply to the user by fetching data from the domain registry database rather than from local data. If a query to the whois server results in the retrieval of a local object that contains a "refer:" attribute, the server will connect to the remote server and issue a whois query for the requested domain name. Whatever is returned as a result is given back to the user.

Alternative Database

You can select a specific source database for information. Or by selecting "ALL" databases you can search each database that is mirrored by the RipeNCC.

Object Type

Restricts the types of objects to lookup in the query.