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Contact Registration Services

You can request Internet Resources using the Request Resources form (requires authentication) or with the Resource Request API that allows you to adjust the request forms to your workflow. Here is the type of information you will need to provide when filling in a request form online.

If you need to contact Registration Services by email, please use the following mailboxes:

hostmaster _at_ ripe _dot_ net

PGP Authenticated

Handles IP and AS requests and related questions from established Local Internet Registries. Use this address to respond to ongoing resource requests. Please make sure to add the ticket number to the subject line of your email and include your registry identifier (RegID) when sending a mail to this address.

lir-help _at_ ripe _dot_ net

PGP Authenticated

A "members only" mailbox to answer any questions regarding Registration Services. Please include your RegID when sending a mail to this address.

legacy _at_ ripe _dot_ net

Handles all requests and questions regarding legacy address space.

Registry Identifier (RegID)

The RegID must be included in every message sent to hostmaster _at_ ripe _dot_ net and lir-help _at_ ripe _dot_ net. It is used to identify the registry. Each request containing a valid RegID will receive an acknowledgment indicating whether they receive service or not and a ticket number (see below).

In accordance with the policies established by the contributors' committee, the RIPE NCC provides service only to its contributors.

Where possible we suggest the inclusion of the identifier in an RFC 822 header line of the messages concerned. The suggested format is: X-NCC-RegID: nn.example Where it is impossible to modify the RFC 822 header, this line can also be included in the body of the message. Please note that the RegID needs to be lower case (it is case sensitive).

Ticketing System

The RIPE NCC uses a ticketing system to track the history of every request sent to the above mailboxes. Requests submitted to these role accounts will be notified of the ticket number that has been assigned to the request. The number must be referenced in all subsequent messages related to this request. The ticket number remains valid until the request has been handled. Every new request gets a new ticket number.

Because a ticket number is associated with a specific request, it should not be re-used.

Distribution Robot

The RIPE NCC uses an automatic robot to distribute all messages sent to these role accounts.

PGP Authentication

At the RIPE NCC Membership decided that all outgoing emails from the RIPE NCC to the Local Internet Registries should be authenticated.

The email that you received from these accounts (mentioned above) have been signed by the RIPE NCC PGP master key.