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Removal of Forward DOMAIN Objects

You’re viewing an archived page. It is no longer being updated.

At the RIPE 57 Meeting in Dubai in October 2008, it was agreed by CENTR (the TLD registries) that there was no need to hold forward domain information in the RIPE Database. Much of the data currently held is obsolete and is no longer maintained. Because of the way many domain registries operate, it is not viable for the RIPE NCC to try to maintain any proxy service for this data and provide a reliable and complete service.

It was further agreed in the DNS and Database Working Groups at RIPE 57 that this data is obsolete and they recommended that this data be removed.

Implementation Plan

  1. We will locate all tld domain objects in the RIPE Database.
  2. We will use the RIPE Database data and the IANA contact details for domain registries to contact all the TLD operators that still have tld domain objects in the RIPE Database.
  3. We will ask these TLD operators to confirm that they no longer (or do) use the RIPE Database for their provisioning.
  4. For those that confirm they no longer use the RIPE Database for their provisioning, the RIPE NCC will delete the tld domain object and all more specific data.
  5. If any operators still actively use the RIPE Database, the RIPE NCC will assist them to migrate their data into a database of their own.
  6. If any registry has not replied within two weeks, a reminder will be sent.
  7. If no response is received after a month and the RIPE NCC sees no activity in the update logs for any of their data in the previous six months, all the data for that registry will be deleted.
  8. Any forward domain data in the RIPE Database for which there is no tld domain object will be immediately deleted. Because the "mnt-by:" attribute was made mandatory for domain objects, it is not possible to create such objects without a TLD parent object existing. This forward domain data can therefore be considered old data.
  9. If there are any cases of receiving no response from a registry and there has been some update activity in the previous months, we will address such situations on a case-by-case basis.
  10. No announcements will be sent to individual maintainers of this data in advance of the deletion. Normal notification messages will be sent when the data is deleted. An announcement will be made on the News page of the website referencing this webpage once the implementation plan is approved.
  11. Personal data will not be deleted as part of this clean-up process. Our onoing garbage collector will remove any unreferenced personal objects once it is restarted. More detailed documents will be made available shortly about this garbage collection process.