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RIPE Database Query Reference Manual


This document describes how queries work in version 1.79 of the RIPE Database. This version uses the Routing Policy Specification Language (RPSL) [1] to represent many of the database objects. It uses the Routing Policy System Security (RPSS) [2] for authorisation. This means better security for Internet Routing Registries (IRR). It makes use of RPSL next generation specifications [14]

Though this document is self-contained, you may also wish to read the RPSL [1] and RPSS [2] specifications. For a tutorial on RPSL, you can read the RPSL applications document [3]. You may also want to read the “RIPE Database Update Reference Manual” [19]. It explains how updates work in the RIPE Database. There is also a single page “Whois Queries Reference Card” [18]

Intended Audience

This reference manual is for casual and advanced users who query the RIPE Database. If you are new to this database, you might find the “RIPE Database User Manual – Getting Started” [5] to be a more helpful place to start. 

Conventions Used in This Document

We use <label> for a placeholder or to indicate syntax.
We use [option] to indicate an optional text or command argument.
We use a bold font to indicate an object type.
We use “attribute:” to indicate an attribute of an object.
“RIPE Database” usually means the user interface rather than the information in the database. Where there may be any doubt, this manual will make clear what is being discussed.

Table of Contents