2.3.2 Database Management

The RIPE NCC is tasked by the RIPE community to manage the RIPE Database as a public service. Although the RIPE NCC has limited control over the personal data registered in the RIPE Database and is not responsible for all of the operational data content, there are occasions when the RIPE NCC may correct or delete RIPE Database data:

  • According to accepted RIPE Policy Proposals/RIPE Documents
  • To comply with applicable law
  • If so ordered by any competent court
  • To fulfil any legal obligation
  • When a breach of the Terms and Conditions has occurred
  • For management operations of the RIPE Database
  • If data is inaccurate
  • If data has been entered by someone who is not authorised to do so
  • If an individual has requested the removal of their personal data

This list may change over time and is not exhaustive . For further details please refer to the Terms and Conditions.