2.2.2 Versions of the RIPE Database

The original first version of the RIPE Database no longer exists and we have no information about it.

The second version of the RIPE Database was written in PERL and used files to store the data rather than a database. The data was in the ripe-181 format. This version provided a clear separation of routing information from allocation details.

Version 3 was released in April 2001. In this version, the old RIPE Database ripe-181 format was converted to the new RPSL format. The software was written in C and the data was stored in a MySQL database.

The basic design of the data model is still the same now. Since its release several years ago, many additional features have been added. New object types were added in 2004, including the organisation object. When the RIPE NCC started to encourage the adoption of IPv6, theRIPE Database software was made fully compliant with IPv6 and additional object types were added for this: inet6num and route6.

Web forms were introduced for both queries and updates shortly after this version was released. These have been constantly revised over the years and are still subject to regular minor improvements and occasional major improvement.

A RESTful API was introduced, which was deployed to production in 2013.

The software underwent a major re-factor, still in C, in 2004. It was totally rewritten in Java in 2012, for queries, and early 2013- for updates. The database backend was switched from MySQL to MariaDB in 2016.

This database software is also used, with some local modifications, by APNIC and AFRINIC.

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