6.4.1 MIME Support

The database software supports MIME. This means that you can cryptographically sign an update message using email agents that attach the signature in a separate MIME part, not in the body of the message. However, encryption of the text is not allowed. All update messages must be sent in plain text.

Nested signing of messages is possible, allowing an update message to be signed by one user, sent to another user who signs it again and submits the update.

The database software does not allow any scoping of authorisation within the message (for example, MIME parts where different passwords apply).

It is strongly recommended to keep MIME encapsulation simple. Complex MIME structures are more likely to generate errors.

The following rules apply when submitting updates using MIME encapsulation:

The software will recognise the following headers and take the appropriate actions:

  • multipart/signed
  • multipart/alternative
  • multipart/mixed
  • multipart/unknown
  • application/pgp-signature
  • application/x-pkcs7-signature
  • application/pkcs7-signature
  • text/plain

All other content-types are treated as text/plain.

After extracting credentials and validating signatures, all MIME parts are merged together and treated as a single update message.

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