7.7 Garbage Collection

When specific objects of a certain type have existed in the database unreferenced for a continuous period of time, it becomes eligible for automatic deletion. When querying for an object it is possible to see if it's eligible for deletion and if so, how long it will remain in the database before deletion. The message

“Unreferenced # <object key> will be deleted in X days”

will be returned together with the object if the query-flag ‘--show-tag-info' is given. See section on Tagging Data for more information.

The object types include person, role, mntner, organisation (not if the type is LIR) and key-cert. Clusters of these objects that form a self referencing group, without any reference from resource data, will also be deleted.

NOTE – This service is currently disabled. It tags the objects that should be deleted but no objects are deleted. The software that finds the clusters needs to be re-written before it is re-enabled.