4.3.8 Description of the POETIC-FORM Object

Below is the object template for the poetic-form object. It lists all possible attributes that are allowed in this object type.

Attribute Name  Presence   Repeat     Indexed
poetic-form: mandatory single primary/lookup key
descr: optional multiple
admin-c: mandatory multiple inverse key
remarks: optional multiple
notify: optional multiple inverse key
mnt-by: mandatory multiple inverse key
created: generated single
last-modified: generated single
source: mandatory single

A poetic-form object defines the supported poem types. A new ‘poetic form' must be approved by the community ‘style council'. For more details, contact the or RIPE NCC Customer Services. Description of Attributes Specific to the POETIC-FORM Object

  • "poetic-form:" – This attribute starts with "FORM-". It is followed by the name of an internationally recognised poetic format of humorous writing. For example, limerick or haiku.
  • “descr:” – This attribute describes the style of the poetic form, written in the form style. For example, if it is a FORM-LIMERICK, the description will be written as a limerick.