4.3.7 Description of the POEM Object

Below shows the object template for the poem object. It lists all possible attributes that are allowed in this object type.

Attribute Name  Presence   Repeat     Indexed
poem: mandatory single primary/lookup key
descr: optional multiple
form: mandatory single inverse key
text: mandatory multiple
author: optional multiple inverse key
remarks: optional multiple
notify: optional multiple inverse key
mnt-by: mandatory single inverse key
created: generated single
last-modified: generated single
source: mandatory single

A poem object contains a poem that is submitted by a user. It has no operational use and reflects the humorous side of industry representatives. Description of Attributes Specific to the POEM Object

  • "poem:" – This attribute specifies the title of the poem.
  • “descr:” – A short description related to the object.
  • “form:” – This attribute specifies the identifier of a registered poem type. These are set by the poetic-form objects.
  • “text:” – This attribute specifies the body of the poem. It must be humorous, but not malicious or insulting. It should be written in the style of the "form:".
  • “author:” – This attribute is the NIC Handle of the person who entered the poem.