4.3.1 Description of the AS-BLOCK Object

Below is the object template for the as-block object. It lists all possible attributes that are allowed in this object type.

Attribute Name  Presence   Repeat     Indexed
as-block: mandatory single primary/lookup
descr: optional multiple
remarks: optional multiple
org: optional single inverse
notify: optional multiple inverse
mnt-lower: optional multiple inverse
mnt-by: mandatory multiple inverse
created: generated single
last-modified: generated single
source: mandatory single

An as-block object delegates a range of AS Numbers to a given RIR. Only the RIPE Database Administrators can create as-block objects. The set of as-block objects covers the full range of 16-bit and 32-bit AS Numbers. These objects prevent anyone other than the RIPE Database administrators from creating aut-num objects in the RIPE Database for AS Numbers that are administered by the RIPE NCC. The authorisation is set up so that anyone can create aut-num objects in the RIPE Database as copies of AS Numbers administered by other RIRs.

The primary key value will be in this format:

‘ASn - ASm' where n and m is a 32-bit unsigned, numbers in the range 0: 4,294,967,295. The values of n and m can be the same representing a block of one AS Number.

Leading zeroes (AS1 - AS065536) are not allowed and will be removed (AS1 - AS65536) by the database software. Description of Attributes Specific to the AS-BLOCK Object

  • "as-block:" – the range of AS Numbers covered by this block.
  • “descr:” - A short description related to the object.
  • “mnt-lower:” – This attribute controls who is able to create aut-num objects in the RIPE Database for the range of AS Numbers covered by this as-block object. See the section 'Authorisation' for more information.