3.9.3 Indexed

Many attribute values are indexed within the database. This is necessary to provide fast, efficient lookups of data. All objects' primary keys are indexed. These and any other indexed value may be used to do standard lookups or reverse lookups.

A standard lookup is where you look for an object that contains the specified value. Where this value can be found in an object depends on the index tables built with that attribute value.

An inverse lookup is where you look for objects that contain the specified value in the list of specified attribute types. (See more about indexed searches in the section on Querying the RIPE Database.)

whois –i mnt-by,mnt-lower,mnt-routes: AARDVARK-MNT

Indexes are built internally within the database. This property does not affect nor put any restrictions on the data entered by a user.

Table 3.5 Types of ‘indexes' of an Attribute



[lookup key]

This attribute is indexed.

[inverse key]

This attribute is in the "reverse" index.

[primary key]

This attribute is (part of) the primary key for this object type.

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