3.8.1 Split Values

In most cases, a value can be split over multiple lines. Each continuation line must start with a space, tab or plus (+) in column zero. Continuation lines do not include the attribute name.

An object cannot have a blank line inside it because this would mark the end of the object. A blank continuation line must start with the ‘+' sign in column zero.

An example of a correct continuation line:

address:  Singel 258

Note the ‘+' in column zero on the second, blank line.

Values cannot be split in the first attribute, which defines the object type, or in the primary key attribute(s). If this is done, the software will re-combine these attributes into a single-line value. The update will not fail.

When parsing an object, the software will internally recombine continuation line values into a single value for processing. The values from multiple lines are joined with a single space in-between them. Therefore, it is also not possible to split a value in the middle of a word or within any text string. The object is stored in the database with any valid split values.

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