3.10 How to Organise Your Data

There are many different types of objects in the RIPE Database. Some of them can be used in different ways. How you use them makes a big difference to the workload needed to maintain the data.

The RIPE Database is intended for those who have, or will soon have Internet resources. This database is a public registry with a well-defined purpose. See ‘Purpose of the RIPE Database' for more details. You can create many objects in the RIPE Database without any resources. But if these objects are not referenced by any resource object within a specified time period they will all be deleted. See the section on Garbage Collection for more details.

Resource holders using the RIPE Database need a basic set of objects:

  • organisation
  • role
  • person
  • mntner

For new members, this set of objects will be set up by the RIPE NCC as part of the new LIR process. How you use these objects will affect how much maintenance you need to perform later.