9.2 Notification Messages

There are a number of attributes that may cause notification (notif) messages to be generated:

  • "notify:"
  • "mnt-nfy:"
  • "upd-to:"
  • "irt-nfy:"
  • "ref-nfy:"

Where there are multiple instances of any notification attribute, all email values will be sent an individual notif message email. Where the notification attribute is contained in a referenced object (for example, in a mntner) and there are multiple references, all the referenced objects will be taken to form a list of email addresses. All these addresses will be sent an individual notif message email. Updates can contain multiple objects. These objects can contain different sets of notification email addresses. Some of the notification email addresses may appear in more than one set. Each email address to be sent a notif message has its own individual message generated that only contains details of the objects that reference that email address. So each notif message that is sent may contain different information.

There are many attributes related to notifications. These may be contained in many related objects. All the notification attributes can take multiple values and all appropriate email addresses will be used. It is not always obvious why you have received a notification. You can find out why you received a notification by following all references from the object(s) listed in the notification message and looking at the notification attributes that all of these objects contain.

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