9.1 Acknowledgment Message

The acknowledgement (ack) message is always returned to the user who submitted the update to the database, however, the ack message is a unique notification because it is returned via the same method that was used to submit the update. So, for an email update, the ack message is returned to the email address that sent the update. For any other update method, the ack message is returned as an HTTP response.

The original style of the ack message was designed for an email update response. The same ack message was later used for both Syncupdates and Webupdates. Now Webupdates has a more customised web style of ack message, but Syncupdates still uses the original email ack message style. The RESTful API response is totally different and returns either XML or JSON.

Regardless of the update method, one ack message is returned for each update. The results of all operations on all objects contained in the update are included in the single ack message. For all updates, an ack message that is in the original email style is always generated by the database software. This is logged in the RIPE NCC's internal log of database changes, along with copies of all notif messages.