10.2.4 Single Sign-On

The SSO (single sign-on) authorisation is different to all the other methods. This one provides some authentication as well. SSO is based on RIPE NCC Access. To use SSO as an authorisation method in the RIPE Database, you must first create a RIPE NCC Access account. This provides some details about who you are. It is no longer a totally anonymous password in a box (where the box is the mntner object).

The RIPE NCC Access account username, which is your email address, becomes the authorisation credential used by the database software. If you change your RIPE NCC Access username to a different email address, this is immediately reflected in the mntner object.

Currently SSO authorisation only works with web-based update methods. This includes Webupdates and the Syncupdates web form. You need to sign in to your RIPE NCC Access account in order to authorise an update.

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