10.7.1 Pending Authorisation

In order to simplify the authorisation of route and route6 object creation, it's possible to partially authorise an update. If a route object update contains valid credential(s) for both the object itself and one of the two hierarchical authorisations, the update will be saved internally pending the submission of the missing credential. If a following update is submitted that contains an identical route object to the one already saved,, the route object will be created, provided that this update also includes a valid credential for the second, missing, hierarchical authorisation. Some rules apply:

  • Submitting a second update with the same hierarchical authorisation as the first update will result in an error because it doesn't complete the updating of the object
  • If the update contains any errors, other than one missing hierarchical authorisation, it will fail
  • A pending update will only be stored for seven days
  • To complete the update, the submitted objects must be identical. This check is done by a simple text comparison, ignoring multiple white space differences.

When an update has been stored, notifications are sent to the parties that need to supply the missing authorisation for the object. If these parties fail to complete the update within seven days, all parties will be sent a notification that the update failed.

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